Guru Tmt. Praveena D Singh

Carnatic Music
We give proper training for Carnatic Music. We teach from the basics and make our students a professional singer.


The classes are conducted by Guru Tmt. Praveena D. Singh. Students are taught will all levels like beginner, intermediate and Advanced. Every students are personally attended so that they are well taught.


Western Dance
Students learn from us will be able to perform for various songs and music. We give excellent coaching for Western Dance.


Folk Dance
Folk Dance is inherited from past traditions. Folk Dances are performed at festivals, marriages, religious events, cultural events etc. Folk dance is fun to learn but at the same time develops team building.


Cinematic Dance
Our aim is to make dance available to all and at the same time provide quality training. We train various styles in Cinematic Dance.


Veena is a divine string instrument with beautiful sound. We give excellent coaching on playing Veena along with Raga and Tala.


Guitar is a very popular musical string instrument. We teach our students from the beginning and guide them to the proper path to become a Pro in the world of Guitar.


Our coaching is the best in the field and we can assure that a strong foundation is laid in the art of playing Keyboard. Prior knowledge is not necessary and any one with a passion to learn Keyboard can join immediately.